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About Us

Inspired by the life and humanitarian work of Alejandro Torres
(known as Andot in the Philippine Red Cross or Alex in his international work),
we will carry on his legacy of supporting and empowering emerging
humanitarian youth leaders
across the globe.

We believe humanitarian youth leaders
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We exist to inspire and empower

emerging humanitarian leaders by supporting and promoting programs that strengthen

youth leadership and volunteerism.


Our Vision

We envision an empowered
global community of humanitarian youth leaders
exemplifying a lifetime ethic
of service and innovation.

Our Values



We value and recognize the contribution of volunteers within organizations and communities.



We build mutual trust and respect with our stakeholders

through transparency and

ethical relationships.



We are committed to

a culture of teamwork and community partnership.



We respect people, embrace differences, and promote an environment that is inclusive of all.

Our Logo

ATfoundation logo.png

Symbols and Meanings


The main icon consists of 8 multi-colored figures with interlocked hands, symbolizing the global community of empowered youth leaders that we support.  The variety of colors represents diversity, which is one of our core values.

The single red figure at the top of the youth leader circle represents volunteerism and leadership being the pillar of our work, as inspired by our Red Cross and Red Crescent roots.


The sun in the middle of the youth leader circle represents our core values that serve as our guiding light in empowering humanitarian youth leaders.

Our Founders


You can help empower humanitarian youth leaders!

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